Bomboloni cu crema/Gogosi umplute

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• 250 grams of flour (American);
• 250 gr of flour
• 75 grams of sugar;
• 25 grams of fresh yeast (1 cube);
• 125 ml milk;
• 125ml of water (or 250 of water without milk);
• grated rind of one lemon
• 80 g butter softened at room temperature;
• 1 pinch of salt.

Fill with custard


Sift the flour, make a well in the corner to the house of the salt, add to the center of the fountain, the crumbled yeast, sugar, butter (to mix with a little sugar) and lemon peel. Mix very well by combining the warm liquid. Knead the mixture until it is smooth and homogeneous, (till about 10 minutes). Let rise for 2 hours.

Reshuffle a little (remember not to scramble the mixture, otherwise he loses the rise and ruin it!) Wait 10 minutes (more lies) and spread (about 1/2 cm).

Cut into discs 7/8 inch in diameter, also reshuffle the clippings.

Let rise, covered for about an hour.

Deep frying in oil, up to a color of orato well (otherwise they are raw dentro9

Drain on absorbent paper and fill with cream. Dusting them with the rest of the sugar.

serve warm

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